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March 15, 2009



Hi, I just have a quick question for you. I see that you made the hair bow yourself, I however, thought I would never be able to do it, and just bought it from the Haus of Gaga, but I am a little unsure of how to attach it to my head. How did you get it to stay? Did you attach anything to it? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Where exactly did you buy one? I looked on Lady Gaga's merchandise site and didn't see any. I'm curious how much you paid for it...anyways...I basically made an "X" with bobbie pins through the back of the middle section and then secured some more pins through the "X" and onto my head. It also helps A LOT if tease or backcomb your hair. Good luck and let me know about where you bought it!!


They were selling them at the merch table during her concert. Each concert was alloted so many, tho, but they were hand made by Gaga herself. They came in blonde, red, and dark brown. I paid $40 Canadian. But thank you so much. I'm scared to even wear it, 'cause I feel as if i will ruin it, but I'm going to try it.


Omg you're so lucky, you got to see Lady GaGa in action! Great Blog!

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