You should make some more platinum ones. so i could buy it


hi i have red hair but i really want one of these bows but idk which color 2 get. its not really orange and not really arburn but i want it to match the color its self. do u have any tips


hi i have dark-ish strwaberry blonde hair and wold love a bow can u make on in that color?? thanks


Hi im from the US and am a major Lady GaGa fan im 12 and got one for Christmas I love it thank you soooo much


hello again,
i was wondering what size is that bow in the picture?


Hello! was wondering when platinum blonde will be available to purchase. Would LOVE to have one of your bows. Thank you so much!!


Which do you prefer headband or barrette?



I really like the bow. I have light brown hair so it is perfect. I didn't know that you could choose from a headband or a barrette. Which one stays on your head and looks more natural?


Can you tell me how long the medium and large bows are?


how long this it take? i already orderd mine and its been a week already.


How can i order one?


I want this thing how?


i waaaaaaaaaaaaant!!!!!
how can i get this??


That much money for one hair bow?!


These are adorable :) luv 'em.


Hi it's Tawnie again! I just wanted to know if you can crete these yourself. I have seen a bunch of videos on youtube, but none of them seem to work for me! =( I would like to order them, but I want to know how to do them myself, too. Thanks!


How do i go about getting one of these medium ones?
do i need to make a special order?
Also can you match the colour bows to the hair colour?


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i am lookin for a good salt/ sugar scrub that i can buy in the UK (boots ect) lots of suggestions especially something that smells really nice :) i would like to spend no more than £20 preferablly

thank you !!

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