do you have any mediums available?


what is the difference between the first small et the second small ???

Thank you and sorry for my english , im french


The picture with the 2 headbands does that show the small that costs 18,50 or the 34.50 small?


Sorry everyone!! I fixed the button so there are small, medium, and large available!! The picture of the headband shows the large size for $59.50 and the small size for $18.50. Thanks!!!! <3 - Katty

Ruby Lambert

do you deliver to the UK? x


How much would it cost to have the bow costumized like Lady Gaga's? Because You said she has more hair in hers, so I'm guessing it would cost more.


are these easy to make? My friend's hair isnt there (dirty blonde with blonde highlights)


HELLO : ) I love love love your bows! I would want to know about a special order color though. I want a medium one, but my hair color is red! I was trying to find your email address on your page but no luck... I was going to send an attch picture so you can get an idea! Please let me know asap and then when and how I should place my order.! Also, I it more expensive for a special color? Let me know!


Do you deliver in Australia?


Do You Deliver To Cyprus? XxX And How Can I Make Sure If The Colour Of The Bow Is Exactly Like My Hair? I Mean Sometimes When My Hair Is Straightened It Look Like It Black And When Its Natural Its Lighter?!?!
Lol Xx


omg i just got mine and its pretty much the AWESOMEST thing EVER!!! its sooo cute!!!!!!!!!


Hello! Just thought I should add some feedback on here. :]
Well, I'm just telling everyone that I LOVE my bow, and highly reccomend for everyone to get one! You won't regret it~ <3


i just wanted to know if the pieces where made from real human hair or synthetic hair?


hi, im veerry much wanting one of these. just today i tried making my own... it came out okay but i would love one of yours instead :) was just wondering if you shipped internationally? x


For the special request how would i tell you what i need? could i buy the hair for you and give it to you for it to be made cause i may want to use a certain kind of hair for it to be textured & other things i need help on this please reply.

cheer bows

Is it possible to make my own? My hair color is not there. =( So sad.

going gaga

hi i'm from singapore. and would love to buy two hair time for the lady gaga concert here on aug 12! could you send them to singapore by then. i would like a small bow in black, and a large bow in brown. both in hairbands. please let me know soon.i really NEED them. thank you very much.


Uh do you deliver to Australia????


I do deliver to Australia!! I send there a lot. The shipping is $12.95 for
guaranteed 6-10 day delivery time and will automatically calculate when you
proceed to pay.



Is there any way to order this through Amazon?


Greetings. Wished to ask, whether you sent these hairpins to Russia. Simply I from Russia and also wish to order three different sizes


My daughter is interested in 1 of your bows but i didnt see a place to contact you... how would I be able to?

gida hammami

Hi, do you deliver to Syria!? Rush order!


Can you make me a bow that has the barrette clip at the back of the bow instead of at the bottom? I would like to attach the to the back of head instead of on top.


these bows are so Fing tight! watch me on my Bday!!

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