hey there, do you ship to singapore?
pls let me know!
thank you!
email me at


im gonna get mine soon i love it i was just wondering if you can send me a pic of the medium bow next t like a penny to see the size thanks

Lady Gaga Wig

Like the bows. I found some good wigs of hers also, thanks for pointing the bows out!


I got my bow(i got a pink headband one) today!!!!! =) I love it!!! Thanksss.

DanielaSanchez Reyes

Im about to order mine for Halloween and I CANT WAIT! :D

i give you props for doing this all
by yourselff.


I have a question how long is it for Laredo TX?

amy vu

i received your bow and i super duper love it!!!!!!! oh my god it was so dam cute, i was hopping up and down all around the house. i can't wait to put my whole outfit together for halloween. thank you so much! shipping was super fast too.


aww:( i really want one for halloween but all out of stock. shoot! they look so awesome!

Kim Grillo

How do I order the bows?


Oct 31 is dress up like Lady GaGa day. Halloween is canceled!

Happy GaGaWeen!

Celebrity Tube

Yes, Is there any way to order this through Amazon?

Gemma Ainsworth

i hope you are well.
I have just bought one of the blonde bow hair bands (paypal dottydollybird26) and have actually found something in England and will get it much sooner so i was wondering if i can cancel the order and you refund me the payment. i am sorry to be a pain. please can you let me know. thanks and much appreciated if you can.
Kind Regards
Gemma x


do you deliver to the Poland?


whats the difference between a headband and a barrette? which is lady gaga's? or which is easy to use?

Katura Dove

Hey!! So I just ordered a black lg hair bow, they good great!! nice work:-D I am a pretty big lady gaga fan and I was just wondering if the way the har piece was made if it stands upright like lady gaga's does? Please e-mail me Thank you and I cant wait to get it!!


do you deliver to Russia?


Hiya can you post to New Zealand?


i love ur hairbows can u please post the size in inches or centimeters which ever u like of all the sizes a.s.a.p. p.s. when do i need to order by to get one for christmas time???!!!also is lady gagas her real hair or one of these bows and one last thing do u know which size is closest to paris and gagas???thank you sososososososos sooooooooooooooo much!!!!<3 P.S. How can i contact u??


what do u recomend the barrette or the headband do they look different or sit a certain way on ur head i am terribly sorry for sooooooo many questions!!!!


which color chart do u go buy???

lady gaga...i wish

how long does it take to get them what color chart do u go buy wats better the headband or the barrette and could i send u real hair to make my bow how do i contact u and were are u located ???


what is better the head band or berret??


Are the bows attached to the barrettes or can the pieces be removed? Also, do they stand up on their own or do the bows rest flat on the head?

Thank you

Meli G

Okay so I know you said all orders have to be placed by the 10th but today is friday the 11th you think i'll get mine in time for xmas eve? it's cool if i don't i'd just really like too. lmk thanks and btw i think you're fabulous! xoxo and happy holidays from meli g


Ummmm. I'd really love one of these, but my hairs dirty blonde... can I get a dirty blonde one if I make a special order?

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